Three ways to know you’re playing too small

I spent a big chunk of my life in a corporate job. No regrets, but when I became an entrepreneur I became aware of ways I’d played a bit small.

If you suspect you might be a little too safe & comfy, here are three inconvenient questions to consider:

How big are your problems?

What’s necessary in terms of time, people, and resources in order to solve them?

Unless you’re running up against a baffling problem every day or two, emotionally or cognitively, it’s likely you’re not as helpful as you could be.

Are you becoming too transactional?

I still wince at these words from a mentor:

“When you were wooing them [a client] you had infinite dimensions.

Now that you have them in any capacity you’ve reduced things to on/off.”

Give first. And give without expectation.

How often do you take time to think?

Formula 1 drivers know the key to going fast is slowing down. Proper braking sets up optimal exits from corners and higher speeds on the straights.

If you’re not challenged enough to have to slow down and learn, you’re not growing.

Playing a bigger game may be asking for trouble. But it’s the right kind of trouble.

I’ve talked more about that here



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